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Beauty Tips : 5 Steps To Make Your Eyes Looks Fresh

Beauty Tips : 5 Steps To Make Your Eyes Looks Fresh

Natural Fresh Eyes
Natural Fresh Eyes
Natural Fresh Eyes

Eyes like a window of heart. The first time people see us definitely with staring eyes. Has wide round fresh eyes and beautiful is the desire of every woman. However, if God grant you a pair of narrow eyes why not try to get around the following tips make up your eyelids to make it look more narrow width and fresh eyes.

  • Step one: First, we affirmed the eye line to make it look wider. Tips, apply thin eyeliner just above the eye is bow. To the bottom of the eye, use eye pencil then trim them with a brush. Color eye pencil should suit the tastes, if you want to look natural, you can try white or black.
  • Step two: Prepare highlights and shimmer. Then apply highlights on the eyelid up to the brow area, while the shimmer on the top (bottom arc eyebrows).
  • Step three: So that the eyes appear wider, you could try curling eyelashes techniques.
  • Step four: If you do not want to curl lashes, apply mascara as usual enough. Mascara will make lashes look thicker and more comfortable than false eyelashes.
  • Step five: Put eyeshadow with colors that match the dress or neutral colors for the eyes look sparkling and fresh. Make up gradation is getting more and more brightly colored.

That’s it!

Those 5 easy steps to give fresh impression on your beautiful eyes. Feel free to try it out and let’s have some fun!

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