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Dark Lipstick For Fall Beauty Trend

Dark Lipstick For Fall Beauty Trend

Beauty Alert: Dark Lipstick For Autumn 2015
Beauty Alert: Dark Lipstick For Autumn 2015

The beauty trend that was driving our parents insane in the 90s, every time I’d sneak out the house in dead-dark-lips is having a major comeback for sometime now.

Why Is Dark Lipstick Trending?

Besides, the dark lips trend is going nowhere, in fact it’s ON, more powerful than ever, in a way that’s more 90s mixed with a bit of 70s Jonathan Saunders kinda dark accents. It’s glam but dark. It’s high fashion but a bit grungy too, it’s a look that can translate to a 15 year old, or to me, or to my mom, IF done right.

How To Wear Dark Lipstick For Makeup?

It’s all about the shade and matching it with your skin tone, hair color, eyes. Being clueless in this area – advise wise. We will only say this: test it. Test every dark shade you find and you love on yourself, and if it looks good rock it.

While I know I do look better as a brunette, it’s something about contrasts that keeps me sort of edgy and more adventurous these days – both beauty and style wise. Life wise, no thank you, I have a hard time toning it down as it is. So before going dark again with my hair I will have to give my blonder locks a dark lip contrast look. If I pull it off it’s supposed to look sophisticated, dramatic, fashion, edgy. That is a big IF, but it’s worth a shot.

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The secret lies in the shade which I think has to match your skin tone rather than your eyes or your hair. I am prone to say people with lighter complexions might pull off this look easier, as their range of lipstick colours is wider. [via]


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