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Beauty Alert: Dark Lipstick For Autumn 2015

Beauty Alert: Dark Lipstick For Autumn 2015 – The beauty trend that was driving my parents insane in the 90s, every time I’d sneak out the house in dead-dark-lips is having a major comeback for sometime now.

Beauty Alert: Dark Lipstick For Autumn 2015

Beauty Alert: Dark Lipstick For Autumn 2015

Besides, the dark lips trend is going nowhere, in fact it’s ON, more powerful than ever, in a way that’s more 90s mixed with a bit of 70s Jonathan Saunders kinda dark accents. It’s glam but dark. It’s high fashion but a bit grungy too, it’s a look that can translate to a 15 year old, or to me, or to my mom, IF done right.

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Beauty Alert: Dark Lipstick For Autumn 2015

It’s all about the shade and matching it with your skin tone, hair color, eyes. Being clueless in this area – advise wise. We will only say this: test it. Test every dark shade you find and you love on yourself, and if it looks good rock it.


While I know I do look better as a brunette, it’s something about contrasts that keeps me sort of edgy and more adventurous these days – both beauty and style wise. Life wise, no thank you, I have a hard time toning it down as it is. So before going dark again with my hair I will have to give my blonder locks a dark lip contrast look. If I pull it off it’s supposed to look sophisticated, dramatic, fashion, edgy. That is a big IF, but it’s worth a shot.

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The secret lies in the shade which I think has to match your skin tone rather than your eyes or your hair. I am prone to say people with lighter complexions might pull off this look easier, as their range of lipstick colours is wider. [via]


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