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Basic Women’s Clothing Items Every Closet Should Have

Basic Women’s Clothing Items Every Closet Should Have

Basic Women's Clothing Items Every Closet Should Have
Basic Women's Clothing Items Every Closet Should Have

Hoarding onto many garments is never a good idea; the key is to own some basic clothing items that are pretty versatile to carry. Women dress differently according to their age and preference, but you must have few standard clothing items in your closet that can make your life way easier.

To keep being trendy, you absolutely need to keep abreast with changing trends and new varieties of clothes coming in. While new trends are not something hard to spot, it really doesn’t mean that you follow every one of them. Being minimalistic is very important, so we have brought you an article highlighting basic women’s clothing items every closet should have. Let’s find out below!

Pair of Straight Denims

Long gone is the trend of wearing skin-fitted denims or jeans culottes, as they look quite tacky. For a few years, straight and loose denims have been worn by women of every age. Since baggy denims go with only a limited pair of tees or fitted shirts, your safest bet is to have a pair of straight denim in your wardrobe for everyday wear.     


You can also opt for ribbed or frayed denims for added touch of elegance.

Grungy Biker Jacket

It’s no surprise that women’s leather biker jacket add a fiery touch to your entire outfit, without making you look too much. How you wear your biker jacket is entirely up to you, although it is most commonly worn over black denims for a smart street look or cotton chinos for a business-casual look. Just like biker jackets have their special place in the world of style, they must have a special place reserved in your closet too!

Classy Ribbed Tank Top

Just like denims, a classy ribbed tank top (preferably in black color) could really be a significant wardrobe staple. You can match it with a pair of faded jeans or wear it on top of sweatpants; either way, you are going to revamp your casual outfit with this tank.

Crisp White T-Shirt

You must have one simple white tee in your closet for all those times when you can’t think of anything specific to wear. A crisp white tee not only is extremely chic, but is also very cozy and light to wear. You can style it with either high-rise jeans, jeggings, trousers, or even a classy leather pants.

Nice Beige Sweatpants

Sweatpants are a very comfortable and versatile garment one should definitely own. Invest in a beige-colored sweatpants because it goes with almost all colors and patterns of shirts. 


Sweatpants could be made of different fabrics, such as cotton, fleece, spandex, and polyester. However, you should choose cotton sweatpants because they are soft, elastic, sweat-absorbent, and appropriate for all kinds of weather.  

Stylish Solid Blazer

Besides leather motorcycle jackets for women that are considered an ever-green style statement, solid blazers could also be a great outerwear for fashionable women. If you prefer to carry a simple and goes-with-everything kind of blazer, a black worsted wool blazer will help carry your outfit for years.


You can also opt for a checkered or patterned blazer such as houndstooth if you wish to wear your blazer mostly on formal events.

Classic Striped Sweater

Breton sweaters, which are commonly known as striped sweaters, come in many interesting variations. Shop for different colored stripes or just buy one with black and white stripes for a cute look this fall. It’s a great layering piece that can be worn with jeans, skirts, or even shorts. Invest in this piece of garment and you’ll soon realize how graceful it looks!

Checkered Buttoned Shirt

Ever wondered why most women celebs are seen wearing a blue and red checkered shirt? The reason is that a blue and red buttoned shirt worn tucked-in or untucked sets itself apart from many different varieties of checks. It is the most elegant buttoned shirt you must have with you to match with black or navy jeans.   


Wear it cuffed and unbuttoned over a white tee, and slightly tuck it from the waist inside your ripped jeans to carry that ultimate girl-next-door look.

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Cute Floral Midi Dress

A summery look is incomplete without an adorable midi floral dress, which easily adds charm to your everyday look. Long dresses are out of style now, so you must opt for short or knee-length dresses to look up-to-date. Royal historic looks are also very in-style these days, so you can even transform your dress by wearing a corset over it to look princess-y! Also, you can carry your favorite beach hat with this outfit on your picnic days.


There are many sleeve options to choose from, ranging from sleeveless, puffed, cuffed, bishop, and cap sleeves, which all look pretty sophisticated.   

All-purpose Gray Sweatshirt

Among leisure wear, sweatshirts are most frequently liked by women of all shapes and sizes. Sweatshirts are highly comfy and layering, suitable for both warmer and colder climates. This is the reason why you must own one all-purpose sweatshirt, gray being the most modern color to choose.

You can wear your all-purpose gray sweatshirt under your leather jacket, trench coat, wear it with a muffler, over wobbly trousers, or simply over your favorite pair of jeans. It also looks very swanky when clad on top of a denim shirt, mostly preferred by women who like to experiment with different looks. 


Don’t make the mistake of stockpiling a lot of clothes, but rather be smart and have a few of the clothing items that are both handy and modern. As we detailed above, a pair of denims, ribbed tank top, plain white t-shirt, beige-colored sweatpants, solid black blazer, striped sweater, checkered shirt, biker jacket, midi dress, and a gray sweatshirt are few of those versatile garments that will remain in style.

Make sure to thrift on these basic women’s clothing items that every closet should have. Regardless of wherever you are going or whatever weather it is, this blog is definitely going to help sort out your outfit!

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