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A Quick Guide to Diamonds (for the Guys)

A Quick Guide to Diamonds (for the Guys)

A Quick Guide to Diamonds (for the Guys)

For many men, the idea of buying diamonds is as foreign as speaking Swahili! For any man that is looking to buy a diamond, whether it’s as part of an engagement ring or purely to upgrade their own fashions, there’s a few things that we could all benefit from knowing:

Know the Four C’s

You can get good insight if you are buying a quality diamond through four key characteristics: 

  • Carat. This is the weight of the diamond. If you want to know the difference between 1 vs 2 carat diamonds it is all about the weight. 
  • Clarity. Most diamonds contain inclusions which are very small birthmarks and the important thing to remember here is that the fewer inclusions, the less likely they will stop light passing through it. 
  • Color. There are different types of diamond colors but these are all very rare. A colorless diamond allows light to pass through it and be dispersed as rainbows. 
  • Cut. Not to be confused with shape, the diamond’s cut will bring more light through it, making it sparkle.

Knowing the Best Shape

There are different types of diamond engagement ring shapes such as baguette, emerald, oval, heart, pear, princess, marquise, and round but the round is usually the most popular and if you are opting for a diamond as part of an engagement ring it’s always best to go simple yet elegant.

How Much Do Diamonds Cost? 

Diamonds can be affordable but they can also be incredibly expensive. Ultimately it all depends on what you are willing to spend. The typical suggestion around engagement rings is about spending two months’ salary, which might seem like a lot but it isn’t in the grand scheme of things, especially if you are considering planning a wedding. And you could ask your parents for advice about diamonds but ultimately they will have paid a lot less. The great thing is that diamonds will become more valuable over time.

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Can Men Wear Diamonds? 

Lots of men think that diamonds are purely a female jewel but in fact, there are men who like wearing diamonds as much as women do. There’s some great reasons why you should consider wearing diamond jewelry: 

  • It’s a modern touch. It’s a great way to communicate your personality if you are a modern man. Opting for diamond pendants with simple designs can be a reflection of your personality. 
  • It’s trendy. A diamond ring can be a great accessory with any look, especially if it’s a blue or solitaire diamond in the middle of a ring. 
  • Provides a regal look. If you are looking to make things look a bit more sophisticated, a diamond might be the ideal solution. 

As a man’s wardrobe is simple in many ways this can be the ideal opportunity to make some very important upgrades to your look. Buying diamonds, whether it’s in the form of an engagement ring or something for yourself can seem like an alien concept, but if you are looking to make some investments in your style a diamond is certainly a great option.

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