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A Guide To Wearing Minimalist, Everyday Jewellery

A Guide To Wearing Minimalist, Everyday Jewellery

"A Guide To Wearing Minimalist, Everyday Jewellery Everyday Jewellery "

The term ‘minimalist’ with jewellery refers to only wearing one or two jewellery items at one time and this look happens to be in-trend at the moment, which can be seen clearly when looking at online images of fashion models on the catwalks around the world.

If you are far from confident about this, here are some tips from the pros on how best to wear everyday jewellery in a minimalist way.

"A Guide To Wearing Minimalist, Everyday Jewellery Everyday Jewellery "
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Chunky Bracelet

Chunky is most definitely in this year and the trend looks like it is here to stay if the fashion mags and catwalks are anything to go by. The online sterling silver jewellery store is the place to visit when you want to browse a wide selection of chunky bracelets, and with very affordable prices, you can order a couple. When looking for a minimalist look, a single chunky bracelet and maybe a pair of earrings is enough. Avoid wearing too many items.

The Single Chain Necklace

While girls do like to wear multiple necklaces, a single chain is most definitely the minimalist approach and you can buy long silver necklaces online from a sterling silver online jeweller. You could, for example, order a chunky silver chain plus a couple of thinner chains and that will give you more choice when looking to wear a single necklace

"A Guide To Wearing Minimalist, Everyday Jewellery Everyday Jewellery "
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Wearing Rings

You might wish to only wear your engagement and wedding ring, but if you are single, then why not wear a friendship ring? Chunky rings are very popular and whether you prefer rose gold, silver or platinum, all are available from the online sterling silver jewellery store and at affordable prices. For some further reading on wearing jewellery for a minimalistic look, a quick Google search will lead you to related articles which might prove invaluable.

Mix And Match

If you are lucky enough to have a large collection of jewellery, then you have more choices when it comes to selecting a couple of pieces for that minimalist look. It is always a good idea to experiment with the jewellery that you have and this is easily done in front of a mirror, or you could send your best friend some images and ask her for an honest opinion.

Pear Drop Earrings

"A Guide To Wearing Minimalist, Everyday Jewellery Everyday Jewellery "

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These can look great when worn with the right outfit and you really don’t need much else, except perhaps a single necklace or bracelet. The same goes with hoop earrings, which also complement your facial features and by browsing the online silver jewellery store, you can select something that suits you perfectly. Dropdown earrings are ideal for a more formal occasion and can also be worn to work, which is ideal.

If you would like to view many minimalistic looks, a Google image search is all it takes and you can get some inspiration from fine examples found online. It is worth noting that as long as you feel good about what you are wearing, that is the main thing and, of course, if you need some moral support, consult your best friend, who would always tell you what she thinks.

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