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7 Simple Tricks & Hacks to Look Stylish Everyday

7 Simple Tricks & Hacks to Look Stylish Everyday

7 Simple Tricks & Hacks to Look Stylish Everyday
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Looking stylish every day has little to do with your lifestyle, budget or body type. It is easier than you think. When you get dressed in the morning, you feel confident and beautiful.

That sets the tone for the rest of the day. You will be walking around with a spring in your step as you take on the day. So, how can you ensure that you look stylish every day? Here are some tips to help you.

Wear clothes that fit

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One of the easiest ways to elevate your style is wearing clothes that sit on your body correctly. Try out different shapes and fits to get to one that complements your body best. Clothes that do not fit your body well because they are either too slouchy or too small give you a strange silhouette. Hire a reliable tailor that will help make every clothing item in your closet look amazing.

Tailored clothes tend to look polished and are generally more comfortable to wear. You do not want to walk around with trousers that drag the floor or shirts that bunch up awkwardly because of the fit. It doesn’t mean that you should never wear any oversized clothes. You can play around with the oversized silhouette as long as you know how to dress it in a way that feels fashionable rather than sloppy.

Invest in classic items, not just trendy pieces

The thing with trends is that they come and leave in the blink of an eye. You shouldn’t blow all your money on the gimmicky trendy pieces that may not work for you in the long haul. Focus and invest in classic items and timeless silhouettes. Have reliable wardrobe staples that will take you through many seasons without going out of style. Start with a black dress, jeans that fit your body perfectly, simple flats, t-shirts, button-downs and a classic blazer. For men, ensure that you have a suit, blazer, crisp button-down and a pair of jeans for the casual days. With a capsule wardrobe full of basics in neutral colours, you can mix and match to look put together every day.


Accessories transform even the most basic outfits into runway-worthy ensembles. With the right accessories, you can define your style and taste. Accessories give your clothes endless possibilities. You can make the most of your clothing pieces with the right accessories. Think of them as the crucial finishing touches that complete your looks. They make a bold statement and are great conversation starters. Sprinkle some spice to your outfits by accessorizing. Add a pop of personality to your look with stylish Kodiak leather bags. Scarves, jewellery, hats and jackets are also great for adding interest to your outfit. You will look effortlessly stylish and put together. Avoid overdoing the accessories to avoid looking garish.

7 Simple Tricks & Hacks to Look Stylish Everyday
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Get clothes in high-quality fabrics

Most fast fashion stores have enticing prices. You can be tempted with the deals and end up filling your closet with clothes in horrible fabrics that cannot stand the test of time. In most fast fashion stores, the companies usually cut corners with the fabric quality. To get the best bang for your buck, you are better off investing in higher quality items.

They may seem expensive, but they will last you a long time, and the cost per wear will be well worth it. Cotton and linen are great for the summer, and cashmere and wool do great during winter. Scoop quality jeans that won’t lose their colour after a few wears. If your budget is a little tight, you may consider visiting the thrift stores. You will be surprised how many high-quality items you can find there at a sweet bargain. Swapping the many low-quality clothes for ones with higher quality will instantly make you appear more elegant and stylish.

Do not forget the grooming

Even with the most expensive designer clothes, you will still look sloppy without proper grooming. If your nails are jagged and your hair is greasy- and all over the place, it does not matter how bomb your outfit is. You will still not feel confident or stylish. Get haircuts and ensure that your nails look presentable.

Besides, who’s got the time to visit salons and spas anyway? Certainly not the career-driven young professionals! But fear not as long hairstyles are now trendy for men. You just need to learn some styling tricks to make it look amazing and cool. The most basic ways to make yourself look presentable can be done at home, at a minimal cost and effort. Apart from taking a shower and combing your hair, other things like trimming your nails and shaving do not need to be done every day. Some people who prefer the rugged, scruffy look shave once every 2 to 3 days. If you prefer a well-shaven look, do it every other day, less if you use the right tool. A pro tip: use a straight shaving razor. It gives a smoother finish and less skin irritation than the electric ones.  

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That does not mean that you should be scheduling facials and nail appointments every other day. Trimming your nails, showering every day and combing your hair are simple, low-cost ways to look put together. Prioritizing your hygiene goes a long way in making you look stylish and confident every day.

Plan your outfits

The hassle of deciding what to wear in the morning is draining. In the morning, you may be in a hurry to leave the house or maybe sleepy and feeling lazy. In that mood, it is unlikely to have the inspiration to put together a stylish outfit. The simplest solution to this is planning your outfits the night before.

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Well, check the weather forecast and consider your schedule to choose a fit that will suit the next day. When you plan everything the night before, it is easier to dress up quickly and look stylish without putting much thought into it in the morning. Also, when you plan your outfits ahead of time, it is easier to know when your clothes have issues like missing buttons or if they need ironing.

Organize your closet

Imagine how difficult it is sorting through a messy pile of clothes when looking for something to wear in the morning. It is easier to dress stylishly when your closet is clean and neat. Clean your closet. Get rid of clothes that do not fit right. Coordinating your wardrobe makes it easier to get ready. Put your dresses, blazers, jeans, shirts and everything in their proper place. That way, it is easier to reach out for your favourite clothes when you are getting ready.

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Final remarks

Being stylish is a step-by-step journey. One of the crucial steps in that journey is identifying your signature style. With personal style, you may need to experiment with a few pieces before arriving at the perfect style for you. Play with colour and shapes to identify what works best for your body. Get inspiration from places like Pinterest. You will soon learn your preferences and always be stylish and confident every day you leave the house.

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