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6 Important Accessories Every Man Should Have

6 Important Accessories Every Man Should Have

6 Important Accessories Every Man Should Have
6 Important Accessories Every Man Should Have
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A lot of men don’t care much for accessories or don’t know how to pick them, and it’s a shame. The right accessory can really take an outfit over the top and make you look much more polished. Some accessories will make your wardrobe look more versatile. Accessories can be very useful too and make your clothes more functional or comfortable. Let’s take a look at some important accessories every man should have.

A Pocket Square

If you like to wear suits from time to time, you need to own at least one or two pocket squares. They’re relatively inexpensive and will accentuate any suit. A navy twill suit will look good on its own, but a red patterned pocket square will make it look much more luxurious. A pocket square also works with sports coats and can help them look more appropriate for an evening situation or a formal event. If you want to find great pocket squares, check out

A Nice Sports Watch

The next thing you need is a nice watch. You should ideally have a sports watch and a slimmer formal watch with a leather or leather-like band. But if you can only buy one of the two, go with a sports watch. A traditional sports watch will work with virtually any outfit, and t will tie your whole outfit together. Watches can make for a great investment too.

A Tie Bar

A tie bar can really take an outfit over the top and we can’t think of any other accessory that small that can also have a dramatic effect on an outfit. A black suit will look regular without a tie bar and like something out of a magazine with one. So, if you don’t have a tie bar yet, consider looking at silver or titanium designs.

Nice Dress Socks

You need to have a good selection of dress socks if you like to wear suits. A nice pair of socks will also enhance an otherwise normal-looking suit and could even start a conversation. It will certainly distinguish you from other people wearing grey or black socks and will signal a high sense of style and sophistication.


All men should at least own one good pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses can not only help frame the face and make it look more symmetrical, but they’re actually useful. You must know how to pick the right frames for your face shape, however.

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A Weekender Bag

If you want to look stylish when travelling, you need a good weekender bag. Make sure that it’s of the highest quality too. If you can, you should get a leather one, but a canvas or polyester bag can work as well. Go with one in a neutral colour like beige, olive, or black so that it will work with anything you’re wearing.

If you’re missing one of these accessories in your collection, we suggest you check them out right away. They will help complete your wardrobe and instantly elevate your style.

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