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6 Amazing Reasons to Invest in Wooden Wedding Rings

6 Amazing Reasons to Invest in Wooden Wedding Rings

6 Amazing Reasons to Invest in Wooden Wedding Rings
6 Amazing Reasons to Invest in Wooden Wedding Rings

As the warmer weather of spring approaches, so does the wedding season. One of the most significant and perhaps difficult decisions you’ll face as a couple in the lead-up to the wedding is picking out the rings. You and your future spouse deserve a ring that’s as special as the occasion itself, as well as one that’s attractive and comfortable. 

We’re here to tell you that wooden rings may be the perfect alternative to the usual metal band if you’re seeking something unique and unexpected. Exactly what are the benefits of wooden wedding bands? 

Keep on reading, lovebirds, to find out more! 


Wooden Wedding Ring Pros and Cons – Rustic and Main

No one wants to waste time and money picking out a ring set that will quickly break, right? Lucky for us, quality wedding bands don’t have any issues in this department. Wooden rings are surprisingly resilient and hold up well despite being comprised of organic materials. 

One reason for this is that most of them are made of tougher timbers that are not easily damaged by everyday wear and tear, such as scratches, bends, or breaks. Wedding bands made of wood can endure as long as those made of metal if cared for properly.

If you’re still on the fence, know that plenty of wooden wedding rings are fashioned from a combination of wood and tungsten, so you get the durability and strength of tungsten together with the natural beauty of wood. How amazing is that? You can learn more here

Easy maintenance 

Traditional rings have an unexpected drawback in that they need more upkeep than one might anticipate. In order for different metals to look their best, they need to be polished on a consistent basis, and they also need to be handled carefully so that they don’t rust or become malformed. 

Wooden wedding bands, however, they may sound strange at first, actually require far less maintenance over time. You won’t have to worry about rusting or damaging them because, and trust us when we say this, normal wear and tear will look good against the wood’s natural patina.

Also, contrary to common opinion, oiling your ring is unnecessary. Your skin’s natural oils will nourish your ring and ensure that it retains its luster for many years to come. In fact, the patina developed by your skin’s oils and natural wear will make your wedding band look even more beautiful as time goes on.


Everyone should make taking care of Earth a priority. Did you know you can help with that by choosing a wooden wedding ring instead of a metal one? Wild, right? 

But how does that work, exactly? Well, plenty of businesses only use sustainably harvested wood in all of their wooden rings and other handmade wood jewelry. This guarantees that no living trees were sacrificed in the making of your ring. 

Instead, they choose to reuse and repurpose materials such as sandalwood, Koa wood, and others. This not only helps to preserve natural forests but also reduces the amount of trash produced during the manufacturing process and the negative impact of the mining industry on the environment. 

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Oh, and since it benefits Earth, it also benefits us. Wooden wedding bands are a terrific choice for couples seeking an eco-friendly alternative to metal bands. Read more here.


Only recently has the West begun to embrace the idea of wooden jewelry. In recent years, this concept has exploded in popularity, and wooden rings have quickly become a must-have accessory. Choosing a wedding band crafted from wood is a step ahead of the trend and shows that you have excellent taste. 

Choosing a wooden ring has several advantages, and if you and your future spouse are the trendy type, this is one of the best ones. 

They tell a story

Some men’s wooden wedding bands show signs of aging, such as the appearance of spots. They come together to form an aged wood-grain pattern that’s both aesthetically pleasing and symbolic of a more genuine affinity with the natural world. Wooden wedding bands don’t only have meaning, they have meaning to you.

Barn wood, rifle stocks, pearwood, Koa wood—any of these and more can be used by jewelers to fashion a one-of-a-kind ring for you. The band might potentially be made stronger by the addition of metal. So, if you’re searching for wooden rings for men, be sure to do enough research to make the right choice! 

So many options

It’s truly incredible how many different hues and patterns there are to choose from when it comes to wooden wedding bands. The method of creating rings involves shaping the wood into the desired shape and then sealing it to preserve its natural beauty and protect it from the elements. 

Each amazing type of wood has its own individual personality. When you take into account all of the many materials that may be used for inlays, such as metal, antler, linen, flowers, and even coffee beans, the combination possibilities are practically unlimited.

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