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5 Types Of Handbags To Improve Your Fashion Collection

5 Types Of Handbags To Improve Your Fashion Collection

5 Types Of Handbags To Improve Your Fashion Collection
5 Types Of Handbags To Improve Your Fashion Collection
Photo by Godisable Jacob – Pexels

Handbags are the foremost fashion styles every modern woman has in their closet. In addition to their ease of letting women carry things around, they are a good accessory for adding visual appeal and for dressing up in an outfit.

Handbags come in different styles and are available for several occasions. So let’s take a look at six types of song handbags that you should use to improve your fashion collection.

The clutch bag

A perfect bag for dates, night outs, and even formal occasions. The clutch bag is amongst the must-have bags for every lady. From slouchy and soft to boxy and beaded, there are several options available that you can choose from to suit your taste and budget.

The only downside is that they have little space for your belongings. However, the clutch bag can be perfect as gifts to loved ones celebrating a special day since they are perfect for taking the barest minimum to special events.

Crossbody Bags

5 Types Of Handbags To Improve Your Fashion Collection
Photo by the_tayaa

Crossbody bags are another type of handbag that is quiet and popular among women because of their gassing style and their ability to make women’s life easy. They allow women to leave their hands free when they have other things to carry or are on the go.

The name is derived from a long strap that is made to be worn across your body. Women also perch the strap on their shoulders to show the thrown-together and high-fashion aspect of the accessory.


These are the classic bags that every woman has in her wardrobe. Made with shirt handles on both sides, they allow women to carry them on their forearms.

An accurate representation of fashion with its several styles, handbags are spacious and come with several closures such as buckles, buttons, and chains. The interiors are either made up of two small ones or one huge compartment.


5 Types Of Handbags To Improve Your Fashion Collection
Photo by solene.gisele

Satchels are quite similar to crossbody bags but have a specific shape. For example, crossbody bags could either be square or circular and have clasp or zip fastening. On the other hand, satchels are usually almost rectangular and have a dual buckle fastening and envelope flap.

These features make them perfect as everyday handbags. Moreover, in addition to having the long strap of crossbody bags, satchels also have short straps, usually along the top. This makes them easier to grab when in a hurry.

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Tote Bag

Tote bags are quite common; most ladies usually own one in their fashion collection. Girl tote bags are a must-have fashion accessory for every girl. It is a perfect bag to keep all that a woman needs.

They come in several styles, colors, and prints. Some are similar to shoulder bags, like shopping totes. However, they are roomier and larger for shopping purposes. The idea behind such bags is to allow them to contain recently purchased items easily.

Other types, like the executive styles, which are functional and sleek, also exist. Tote bags are usually rectangular. However, the length is quite smaller than the width and vice versa.


When you decide to add finishing touches to your look, nothing might beat adding a stylish handbag. Irrespective of the type you choose to use, like a tote or a cross body. Nothing might be better than adding a perfect handbag for every season.

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