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5 Reasons You Need a Collection of Camis

5 Reasons You Need a Collection of Camis

5 Reasons You Need a Collection of Camis
5 Reasons You Need a Collection of Camis

Camis, or camisoles, are extremely versatile undershirts that can double as bras and shapers. These undershirts can be worn on their own, too – you don’t need to layer them with anything. If you do, they’ll look great! If you don’t already have a collection of camis for women, here are some reasons to start one today.

1.    Shaping Under Your T-Shirt

It can be difficult to find a body shaper that works under t-shirts, especially those with tighter fits. Most of the time, t-shirt material is so thin that you can easily see the seams below the fabric. However, a camisole can be a great solution. If you struggle to find smoother bras, camis can help there, too!

Choose a cami that has a built-in bra for the best effect. While you’ll still be able to see the straps under tighter t-shirts, the shaping will do wonders for how your shirts fit.

2.    Perfect for Transparent Tops

Some of our favorite blouses and dresses are a bit transparent. If you don’t wear a bra in the exact right color to offset it, it’s not going to look great. Thankfully, camis come in a wide variety of colors and styles. If you want to be able to wear all of your favorite transparent tops, a collection of camis in different colors can help.

There are three main neutral colors for camisoles: black, white, and skin tone. Choose these options to start, as they might be all you need. However, you can give your transparent top some depth if you choose a similar or offset color underneath. That little peek of a coordinating color can be an intriguing way to wear your favorite clothing.

3.    Built-In Bras Are More Comfortable

For those who can wear built-in bras, they can be so much more comfortable than standard bras. Some need the extra support that underwire offers, but for those who can go with a built-in option, you absolutely should. Choose some camisoles with built-in options for those days when you just don’t want to throw on a bra.

Plus, you won’t have to layer with these options. If your cami already has a bra, you can wear one piece of clothing instead of two. This is especially useful for warmer days when you don’t want too many layers on. It’s also great if you’re against bras in the first place – with camis that feature built-ins, you don’t have to worry about it.

4.    Warmth in Layers

At the same time, camis can provide a little more warmth in the winter months. If you want a little bit of extra warmth close to your body, a cami can provide a bit of insulation. Working outside in the cold or taking a brisk walk can be great for you, and a cami can help keep your chest and back warm while you do it.

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When you wear a cami for warmth, you don’t have to worry about which color or style you choose. This makes your entire cami collection viable for winter wear, so you don’t have to put them up when the colder weather comes around.

5.    They Layer Great with Outerwear

You don’t have to wear your cami exclusively as an undergarment, either. You can use them as a base layer for a great look, especially if you want to make a statement. Put your favorite business casual blazer over any of the camis in your collection. Wear your favorite denim or leather jackets over a cami in a soft color to really make an impact.

Having a collection of camis in different shapes, colors, and cuts takes this to the next level. You can wear the same overcoats with any of the camis in your wardrobe, creating the potential for several different looks!



Camis for women are extremely versatile. They’re undersold most of the time, so you’re likely not using your camis to their full potential. To get the most out of your camisoles, make sure to have a collection of them in a variety of different colors and styles. Mix and match them to work with your favorite outfits, regardless of what you’re wearing. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll use your favorite camis.

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