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5 Fashion Trend From BLACKPINK’s Latest MV “Pink Venom” With All Details

5 Fashion Trend From BLACKPINK’s Latest MV “Pink Venom” With All Details

5 Fashion Trend From BLACKPINK’s Latest MV “Pink Venom” With All Details
5 Fashion Trend From BLACKPINK’s Latest MV “Pink Venom” With All Details

BLACKPINK’s Pink Venom single MV has just been released. Not only the songs and lyrics stole the attention, but the fashion outfit for all members performances are also spectacular. All the members understand the power of matching accessories. Throughout the Pink Venom music video, each member presents a different style to enhance the look of their outfit. We conclude, Blackpink’s stylists truly deserve a raise!

BLACKPINK delivers some of the most powerful looks in fashion, each member transitioning flawlessly from one aesthetic to another. Reporting from, here are some popular fashion trends from BLACKPINK’s latest music video “Pink Venom”

Sporty Look

Sport inspired outfit trend was invaded the runways of high-end fashion brands, from Dior to Miu Miu. BLACKPINK followed this trend by wearing sport football t-shirts, basketball jackets, and accessories such as elbow protectors and riding gloves.

Sporty Look

Jennie and Lisa were seen wearing sweatshirts which they turned into crop tops. Meanwhile, Jisoo combined a sleeveless Dior top inspired by cycling gear, with shorts and long sports socks.

Jennie does her own take on sporty, juxtaposing a Manchester United crop top with Vivienne Westwood pearls.

Corset Trend

Since corset trends are becoming popular in 2022. In the Pink Venom music video, Rose follows this trend, bringing a twist to her appearance. Rose appeared wearing a cream cross-neck corset paired with a khaki mini skirt.

Pink Venom BLACKPINK. Document/Vogue
Courtesy of Vogue

The Y2K style is found in a mohair under-corset, combined with pants, and sneakers.

Jisoo’s white corseted dress comes courtesy of the Puglia-based label Marina Eerrie.

Jisoo also wears white corset dress is from Puglia-based label Marina Eerrie.

Statement Jewelry

Jennie wears an Alaïa gown, GCDS heels, and Chanel jewelry.
Courtesy of Vogue

Jennie combined her red Alaa dress with a Chanel statement ring and dental diamonds. The football t-shirt also features a choker from Vivienne Westwood and pearls from Chanel.

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Lisa enjoys a luxury jewelry moment with a little help from Bulgari.
Courtesy of Vogue

Meanwhile, Jisoo combined various Cartier accessories with a dress worn as a top and contrasting Dior boots. Lisa stayed true to wearing a BVLGARI necklace and ring to enhance the look of her micro skirt. Rose combined her little black dress with a black and gold choker.


The micro skirts, crop tops, with asymmetrical cuts, and touches of deconstruction in BLACKPINK’s latest music video bring out a new aesthetic, which has also been seen on many runways; Avant Apocalypse. This trend is usually interpreted as a punk style.

Blackpink in Demobaza

Y2K Style

The classic style or y2k inspired style revival was presented with items such as cargo pants, cowl neck tops, and the once-forgotten micro skirt. Especially Lisa who appeared wearing a multilayer micro skirt. Lisa also wore camo cargo pants which she teamed with a pink chainmail top, this is a classic 2000s style.

5 Fashion Trend From BLACKPINK’s Latest MV “Pink Venom” With All Details
Courtesy of Vogue
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