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5 Best Shapewear Bodysuits and Underwear 2023 at Curvy-faja

5 Best Shapewear Bodysuits and Underwear 2023 at Curvy-faja

5 Best Shapewear Bodysuits and Underwear 2023 at Curvy-faja
5 Best Shapewear Bodysuits and Underwear 2023 at Curvy-faja

Underwear is a daily necessity, we’re pretty sure we all need it like seamless panties, comfy bras or just basic tank tops. However, for the special occasion that require additional support for your beautiful gown, like you need to dress up for a wedding or year-end party, or perhaps you’re looking for more coverage when wearing sheer clothes, choosing the best shapewear can help make a big difference. 

Shapewear is one of the most effective solutions for getting the ideal body shape. Many women don’t feel confident about extreme changes in their body shape due to weight gain will certainly be helped and also shapewear can help postpartum to make it more comfortable for daily activities. 

How to choose the best shapewear for you?

Alright, when it comes to your everyday shapewear needs, the perfect choice will help you shape-up for looking better, whatever the outfit you wear. Here are some important points that you need to pay attention to before buying the best shapewear for tummy and waist:

1. Prioritize the comfiest materials

Shapewear is one of the undergarments that helps you to stand out more for daily activities. So make sure to always choose the best and comfiest material to wear all day long.

  • Mesh

With the best air circulation is an important point in choosing the shapewear materials. We can choose shapewear products with mesh features so when slimming the stomach tightly, the mesh would not make it feel stuffy and prevent irritation. 

  • Latex

The level of elasticity of the shapewear material must also be considered so when we wear them don’t feel painful and torture our body. So stretchy latex material could be the best choice. Apart from that, shape wear with latex features is easier to wear on and take off because they are super elastic.

  • Cotton

Next, this specializes for sensitive skin that requires special treatment. For you who have sensitive skin, you should choose a shapewear made from cotton. Unlike other materials, cotton doesn’t stick tightly to our skin so it’s comfy to wear.

2. Shapewear for postpartum

Shapewear to tighten their skin again after pregnancy or we called it postpartum. You can choose a postpartum belly band shapewear with flexible design. This curvy body shaper not only helps restore body shape, but also speeds up the recovery process after giving birth. Postpartum corsets can also support the stomach, back and hips comfortably, and reduce pain after giving birth.

If you give birth by cesarean section, you should choose a corset with special materials. Choose a postpartum corset whose material is anti-odor, antimicrobial, and designed to be safe for cesarean wounds.

3. Shapewear for gym

If you want to get the ideal body shape, you may need to wear an extreme tummy control shapewear for the gym. This type of shapewear will provide a special sensation and train your muscles while you exercise. It should be understood that special gym corsets are different from the belts usually used by weightlifters. 

4. Create perfect body shape

If you have a problem with a big belly, big arms or thighs that are not what you want and make it ruin your look. You might choose to wear a shapewear with slimming features to help you solve this problem and help you look more confident and attractive when wearing your favorite sexy dress.

5 best underwears from Curfy-faja that will help you to achieve the perfect body shape

Ahead, we will help you to choose the 5 best shapewear or underwear products from Curfy-faja which is famous for its commitment to innovation that sets us apart in the world of trendy and comfiest shapewear.

1. Extra Firm High Compression Full Cup Push Up Bra

Extra Firm High Compression Full Cup Push Up Bra
Extra Firm High Compression Full Cup Push Up Bra

This full cup push-up bra from Curvy-faja is a type of women’s underwear designed to enlarge and support the breasts while providing a push-up effect. Designed to fit full-figured women, this bra will maximize confidence and comfort. With a classic balconette design and smooth cup, it’s ideal for when you want something extra but yet natural coverage. Plus, they have a non-slip strip on the top of the cup that helps it stay in place and feel comfy for dailywear.

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2. Tummy Control Adjustable Bodysuit

Tummy Control Adjustable Bodysuit
Tummy Control Adjustable Bodysuit

Bodysuits with key features provide control and contouring of the stomach area. With compression panels that help smooth and flatten the stomach and provide a slimming effect. This bodysuit is designed with adjustable elements to ensure a customized fit. This faja with a hook closure is able to provide stronger compression. There is a non-slip silicone strap on the inside of the lace hem, which prevents the faja from rolling up. 

3. Body Shaper Postpartum Fajas

Body Shaper Postpartum Fajas
Body Shaper Postpartum Fajas

For postpartum you may be excited to finally look back to your best, but you should follow your doctor’s advice and get the best postpartum compression shapewear. Postpartum body shapers usually provide support to the abdominal and lower back muscles, which can become weakened or strained during pregnancy and childbirth. This support can help relieve discomfort and speed healing.

4. Slimming Butt Lifter Panty Shorts

Slimming Butt Lifter Panty Shorts
Slimming Butt Lifter Panty Shorts

These tummy control shorts are made of high quality two-layer breathable fabric, with maximum compression and also very soft and elastic to wear. The fabric is designed to be seamless to prevent visible lines under clothing. Butt lift control shorts can help many women feel confident by showing off their natural curves and creating a sexy silhouette.

5. Body Shaper Tank Top

Body Shaper Tank Top
Body Shaper Tank Top

With breathable materials, a perfect fit, features components designed for daily wear, it’s easy to put on and so comfy that you might never want to take it off. The corset is fetured with steel ribs that will flatter your body shape and create slim for your natural waistline and help create the perfect hourglass silhouette. These body-shaping tank tops are so important to wear and can be worn under every wardrobe including blouses, dresses, shirts, and more. They are especially useful for any clothes where you want a sleeker, smoother look.


When you want to buy a shapewear, there are many things you need to pay attention to, apart from the material and types of shapewear, you also need to know how to wear shapewear correctly. That way, you can more quickly get the dream body shape you want.

Alright then, we hope you can find the best shapewear products from Curvy-Faja for your next purchase. Besides that, let’s get a healthy body with beautiful curves by wearing a slimming bodysuit and eat healthy food. 

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