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4 Most Common Skin Issues And How To Deal With Them

4 Most Common Skin Issues And How To Deal With Them

4 Most Common Skin Issues And How To Deal With Them
4 Most Common Skin Issues And How To Deal With Them
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Despite being the largest organ, we usually take our skin for granted. When beginning to take care of your skin, you must be aware of your skin type and choose your products accordingly. Mainly if you’re based in Sydney, where the weather is mostly warm, what can cause significant damage to your face? This article covers some of the common skin issues that most women face, along with some tips on combating them successfully.


Let’s start with the obvious one- Breakouts. No matter your skin type, irrespective of which part you live on the globe, this issue is the most prevalent one. They seem to come out of nowhere and pop up and can ruin your perfect day. The reasons for breaking out can range from poor diet to a stressful lifestyle to not following a healthy skin regimen.

The first thing you must start doing if you deal with breakouts all the time is to start cleaning your face thoroughly, even resort to double-cleansing. Consume a healthy diet and make sure you drink enough water. If you have a recurring breakout issue, you may even look into some acne treatments.

Sun Damage

Sun Damage can range from mild to severe. In this condition, when you’re exposed to the sun for more extended periods, it can considerably lower the rate at which the cells replace themselves. This can result in dull skin, uneven skin tone, blemishes, etc. The experts at Sydney Skin Care Clinic recommend that if you’re going to be exposed to the sun for longer periods, make sure to use an adequate amount of sunscreen, not just on your face but also on your body. To reverse sun damage, you may have to turn to chemical treatments. The cosmetic market offers some fantastic products to help you repair skin damage. You can even customize the products depending on your needs.


Pigmentation refers to the coloring of skin. Some parts of your face may appear darker than the others or some darker spots may start to appear. This is caused due to a pigment Melanin that’s present in the skin. The appearance of age spots is the most common kind of hyperpigmentation faced by most women.

There are a couple of cures available, depending on the amount of pigmentation you have. Home remedies like apple cider vinegar and aloe vera gel have also shown results in some cases. However, some kind of hyperpigmentation may need cosmetic treatments, which could include some creams and serums.

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From sunburn to an allergic reaction, anything can cause your face to turn red. Redness on the skin mainly occurs due to irritation. It’s a result of the accumulation of extra blood beneath the surface of your skin. It’s common in places like Australia, where the weather is warm and pretty high temperatures.

Although this condition isn’t severe in most cases, however, if it persists, you must see a dermatologist or a cosmetologist as it could turn out to be a skin disease. You could also use soothing products that contain niacinamide, sulfur, licorice root, caffeine, etc. Aloe Vera and cucumber have also proven to work well with redness.

Your skin is the most vital part of your body, and the earlier you start taking care of it, the better it will be. Make sure to invest in good skincare products that are a perfect fit for your skin type.

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