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4 Lingerie Pieces Comfy Enough To Sleep In!

4 Lingerie Pieces Comfy Enough To Sleep In!

4 Lingerie Pieces Comfy Enough To Sleep In!
4 Lingerie Pieces Comfy Enough To Sleep In!
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Beautiful lingerie doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable collection of lace and straps. In fact, when womens underwear is well-made and well-fitted, it can be comfortable enough to fall asleep in. Choose the right kind of undergarments for all-day or all-night comfort with a little research into what features make lingerie feel like it isn’t even there. 

Seamless Panties

Seams are the places on a garment where two separate pieces of fabric join together with a line of stitches. If you’ve ever taken your underwear off at the end of a hard day to see uncomfortable thread marks on your hips or thighs, these are due to the seams pressing against your skin. 

The solution? Panties with no seams at all. Seamless panties are designed and knit together to hold their shape with just one piece of fabric instead of two, eliminating the need for seams and stitching. This means no bumps or threads against your skin. 

These innovative undergarments were designed to sit smoothly under tight-fitting clothes, but they’re comfortable as well. While most people don’t consciously feel the rubbing of seam lines against their skin, it can be subtly irritating throughout the day. If your underwear fits but still feels tight or pinching, try switching to seamless. 

Wireless Bras

One persistent lingerie myth is that underwires are necessary for larger cup sizes. Believe it or not, it’s possible to find comfortable wireless bras that can support larger breasts. The key to a genuinely supportive and comfortable wireless bra is strong, high-quality material. A firm seamless knit gives the same support as an underwire without a harsh structural component pressing against the delicate and highly sensitive area underneath the breasts. 

Silk Pajamas

Natural silk is one of the most comfortable fabrics in the world, and it also happens to be one of the sexiest. Skip the elaborate and uncomfortable lingerie in favor of a simple pair of silk pajamas and you’ll feel like you’re not sleeping in anything at all. Make sure to check that the pajamas are 100% authentic silk, as polyester silk imitations or blends don’t offer all of the same comfort benefits as the real thing. 

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Silk gains its trademark softness from the weave of its natural fibers. Silk’s unspooled silkworm cocoons are long and smooth, enabling a tighter weave than other fibers. This impressive weave can actually keep skin hydrated and reduce irritation when worn overnight. It also tends to last longer and resist damage, making a pair of real silk pajamas a smart lingerie investment. 

Satin Robes

The robe is an underappreciated garment, too often associated with puffy and low-durability fabrics. A high-quality satin robe is a must-have in any lingerie collection. Not only is it visually appealing, but it also functions as comfortable pajamas that feel like an additional blanket rather than a piece of clothing. Replace a tired bathrobe or house robe with a satin upgrade for another sleep-friendly lingerie item. 

Seamless construction is the way to go when choosing comfortable undergarments, and be sure to resolve any bra fit problems for a barely-there feel. For lingerie pieces, choose smooth silk or satin and embrace a looser fit. 

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