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3 Reasons You Should Invest In An Ear Piercing Kit

3 Reasons You Should Invest In An Ear Piercing Kit

3 Reasons You Should Invest In An Ear Piercing Kit
3 Reasons You Should Invest In An Ear Piercing Kit
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Ear piercing is a common practice and fashion trend that has been around in many cultures. And people tend to get ear piercings for various reasons. This includes cultural tradition, self-expression, a trendy embellishment, and enhancing one’s style.

And perhaps, by hearing the word piercing, one may think that it’s only done on one part of your ear, your lobe. However, that isn’t the case as there are different types of piercings that you can get based on your style and preference. For instance, you can try other ear piercings such as tragus and helix.

If you’re planning to get your ear pierced in the near future, you can opt for the usual and proven approach- visiting a tattoo or piercing parlor to have it done by an experienced and qualified piercer. On the other hand, if you know the basics of piercing and have training and experience doing it before, getting an ear piercing kit might be a great option to consider and explore.

Moreover, this article discusses reasons that may interest you in investing in an ear-piercing kit.

1. You Get A Choice On The Piercing Method

Investing in an ear-piercing kit can give you the choice of the piercing method to be used on your ears. Generally, there are two methods- one that involves the use of a piercing gun and the other, the traditional way, a piercing needle.

  • Piercing Gun: From the name itself, a piercing gun resembles a handgun. In just a click, you’ll get your piercing done. It’s fast, easy, and convenient. However, it’s generally designed for the ear lobe and not to be used for other ear areas. This is because the pressure and blunt force that comes after pulling the trigger can cause the cartilage to shatter.
  • Piercing Needle: This method uses a sterile needle to puncture the ear. Unlike a piercing gun, it doesn’t add extra pressure or force to your ear, so it can be safe to be used to pierce other ear areas.

You can choose a method depending on your preference. For instance, if you’re planning to pierce your ear lobes but you’re scared of needles, a gun can be your option. A gun’s piercing tool is concealed and the process is generally quicker than when using piercing needles. However, it’s important to never use a gun or needle anywhere other than your ears. Dermal piercings, for example, need professional experience and tools to pierce the skin. You should read more about dermal anchor piercings before getting one to ensure you know everything important.

2. You Can Pierce Your Ears Anytime And Anywhere

Perhaps you tend to have a busy week, juggling work with other responsibilities that you no longer have the time to schedule and visit a tattoo or piercing parlor to get your ears pierced. In such a case, investing in an ear-piercing kit may be an ideal option for you. Since you already have a kit at home, you can call for or book an appointment with a qualified piercer and ask if they can pierce your ears in the comfort of your home.

Getting an ear-piercing kit is also convenient as you can easily purchase it from a reputable supplier online and have it delivered to your doorstep. However, while most kits come with an instruction manual, it’s essential to note that ear piercing is not a DIY project, especially when you’re doing it without the required skills and tools.

There are a few risks that you may be taking when you choose to pierce your ears on your own without proper training and experience. For instance, you may easily get an infection if you fail to take the necessary safety precautions, on top of lacking the skills and training needed. You could also be at risk of ending up with uneven piercing, which may spoil your aesthetic.

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3. Ear- Piercing Kits Are Clean And Safe To Use

Sanitation is an essential factor when it comes to piercing. Using hygienic and sanitary tools can help minimize the risks of an infection. Most ear-piercing kits are equipped with tools and instructions to ensure the user observes proper safety and sanitary measures. Moreover, some kits are disposable. This can reduce the likelihood of reusing the tools and possibly causing infection.

However, it’s worth noting, too, that the safety of using an ear-piercing kit also relies on your training and knowledge of how to pierce your ears.

3 Reasons You Should Invest In An Ear Piercing Kit
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The Bottom Line

If you love wearing fashionable earrings and perhaps, you can see yourself getting additional piercings in the future, it may be time to get your own piercing kit.

However, before settling on a piercing kit, it’s essential that you have substantial knowledge and training in ear piercing. This can help ensure your safety from possible infections. Additionally, make sure you get your ear-piercing kit from a reputable seller.

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