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Most Iconic Taylor Swift Hairstyle In 2014: Shoulder Length Styles

Most Iconic Taylor Swift Hairstyle In 2014: Shoulder Length Styles

Now back in action! Shoulder length haircut style because a lot of girls with long hair cut drastically. There are extreme and immediate pixie cut style, some are still shy with shoulder-length cut.

Still confused how to style hair with shoulder length, we are looking the beautiful hairstyle of Taylor Swift. Just check them out!

Curl’em up!

Who says hair with shoulder length straight hair just for the? Curly hair type can also really looks cross-eyed with shoulder-length pieces. Create a straight hair, we could try to use a curling iron and make the bottom of the hair so curly like this.

Tied Half

We could look nicer if we shoulder length hair tied half as Taylor‘s. Add flops with ribbon shape, certainly we look cross-eyed!

Braids up do

Look beautiful with bunny hair can also be our choice. Stay bun our hair back with random, then leave a little hair on the right and on the left for us braid. Once braided, hair clips at the top of our heads so it looks like a headband.

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One accessory that must be owned by the headband hair is shoulder length. Just by wearing headbands, we look directly into sweeter. Select headbands with ribbon or floral accentsso that we look more cute!

Straight Shoulder Length!

Bored with curly hair or curly? Makes us so super straight haironce in a while. For maximum results, before straight up we can use a special foam for straight hair. After that, we bond a little, yes, so that the straight evenly.

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