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10 Adorable Celebrities With Pixie Haircuts

10 Adorable Celebrities With Pixie Haircuts

Pixie haircuts is always stealing the attention a lot of people, especially when it comes to celebrities. One of the most talked about is Miley Cyrus and Anne Hathaway are pretty fairly drama with their haircut.

Who celebrity with pixie hair?

Pixie Haircut seems increasingly becoming hair style that is always followed. Decades ago, this hairstyle has been widely used by celebrities such as Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn , Mia Farrow, and others.

And here 10 Most Adorable Celebrities Pixie Haircuts! That may help you to get inspirations.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway – Here’s the drama one. Anne Hathaway once beautiful long hair cut in the past year into a super short pixie hair. She Admitted that she’s crying for this one. Anne had to give up her long hair for his role in the film Les Miserable at the time. Everyone was quite sympathetic to him. But after months later, Anne kept whining about the cut. And everybody got bored.

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson opted for an animal print frock and Lia Sophia jewels at the Lia Sophia party. She finished off the look with a sleek short ‘do.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron’s bottle-blond pixie exuded modern femininity at the 2013 Oscars.

Emma Watson

Next, Emma Watson. Once the contract is completed plays the character Hermione Granger, Emma was immediately not hesitate to cut her long hair with a pixie style. Emma has decided to cut her hair in 2010. It took several days for the actress showed her new hair into the crowd. Emma finally upload a photo of his new hair on her Facebook account by writing, “Dear all. Cut my hair off a few days ago.

Gennifer Goodwin

Although it has a short piece, Ginnifer still be able to show different sides of herself by constantly changing her hairdo. Whatever she does with her hair can always make it look perfect.

Halle Berry

When talking about the pixie haircuts, of course we can not forget Halle Berry. Oscar-winning actress looks very stunning with her short haircut.

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Jennifer Lawrence

Meet the newest family. Precisely on 6 November 2013 ago, Jennifer Lawrence upload a picture that already haired pixie on her Facebook account. Everybody’s shocked! J-Law admitted bored on shoulder-length hair. Then what will happen to the character Katniss Everdeen is always braided on the Hunger Games movie next? She will also explain the use of a wig for the role interests.

Michelle Williams

Blond short haircut has become a hallmark for the 32-year-old actress. Williams looks chic at the same time with a cute pixie style .

Miley Cyrus

Furthermore, there is a pretty phenomenal Miley Cyrus with her ??pixie hair style is. Precisely in August last year, the singer of the song “We Can not Stop” This latest upload photos with pixie hair style in her personal twitter account. We tell you, since that’s when Miley figure so different from the usual. Miley looks more ‘wild’ with sensation-we do twerking talk about that thingy. This pixie-hair indicates his wish to escape of Miley from Hannah Montana figure during adolescence.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman looked stunning with her hair styled in a trendy pixie cut.

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